Constitution and By-Laws of Harvard Medical School Chinese Biomedical Student Organization 

Article One. Name.

The name of this organization shall be Harvard Medical School Chinese Biomedical Student Organization (HMS-CBSO). 

Article Two. Purpose.

HMS-CBSO is a Harvard student organization dedicated to promoting intellectual and social communication among Chinese students and scholars in the biomedical sciences. Based on the Harvard Longwood and Cambridge campuses, its aim is to establish a platform to foster scholarly discussion and support among Chinese biomedical students within and outside Harvard community. Furthermore, HMS-CBSO will serve as a means to network Harvard Chinese biomedical students with peers at other institutes in the U.S. and abroad.  

Article Three. Criteria for Membership.

1. Membership in HMS-CBSO shall be open to all students currently enrolled in Harvard University, regardless of sex, race, creed, age, color, national origin, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

2. A majority of the members of HMS-CBSO shall be registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

3. Membership shall be obtained through registering at HMS-CBSO email list. Once attained, membership shall continue until a student severs connections with the University, whether by graduation or withdrawal. Membership shall therefore not be terminated by the taking of a leave of absence. Any member may formally withdraw by so informing in writing one of the officers.

4. A majority vote of the membership shall be required before any membership fee shall be assessed. Such a vote shall authorize a membership fee for the current academic year. 

Article Four. Officers.

1. The officers of HMS-CBSO executive board shall be the (Co)-Presidents, Vice‐Presidents and Treasurer. Any student currently registered in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is eligible to serve as an officer. Additional volunteers are welcome to join the board throughout the executive term, but shall not be recognized as official HMS-CBSO Officers until the next scheduled election, therefore, are not subject to the benefits and regulations that apply to HMS-CBSO Officers.

2. The (Co)-Presidents, two people at most, shall be the chief executive officers of HMS-CBSO and shall exercise general supervision and control over its programs as well as chair its business meetings.

3. The Vice‐Presidents shall assist the President in the duties of that office. Should the President leave the office prior to completing the term, the Vice‐President shall assume the office until the next regularly‐scheduled election. Each Vice- President shall be responsible for executing the tasks assigned to each Vice-President respectively, including organizing academic activities, contacting and hosting industrial-related events, maintaining the official website, providing technical support for video recordings of all activities.

4. The Treasurer shall maintain the financial record of the organization, apply for and soliciting funding through various channels within and outside Harvard University, maintain the existing bank account of the organization, keep track of any possible tax involved with all the activities of the organization. The Treasurer and the Co-Presidents have the authority to write checks on behalf of the organization. 

Article Five. Election.

1. President shall be elected annually by the executive board of HMS-CBSO. Elections shall be held in May. The term of office shall commence one week after the date of the election. 

Article Six. Appointed Positions.

  1. Vice-Presidents shall be appointed by the President elected. The term of office shall commence together with the President.

Article Six. Meetings.

  1. Regular meetings of HMS-CBSO shall be held at least once each month.

Article Seven. Amendments.

Any HMS-CBSO member(s) shall be entitled to propose amendments. These proposed amendments shall be communicated to the Secretary, who shall schedule a meeting for the purpose of voting by the executive board of HMS-CBSO on these amendments. If the date of submission of these amendments is near the date of a regular or special business meeting, then no additional meeting need be scheduled. A two‐thirds majority of all votes cast shall be required for any changes to this constitution. The Dudley House Office must be notified of any amendments to this constitution.




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